Crystal Heart

You promised me the world and gave me nothing 
Promised me a heaven and gave me hell 
If I could just forgive you, I could just forget you 
How could it be true? 
You showed me paradise, what I couldn’t have 
Told me of three wishes you couldn’t grant 
One’s a lonely number, alone’s a lonely word 
Oh haven’t you heard? 

I want to sing your song 
Sweet as sorrow, bitter as sin 
Lost is where you fit in 
You and I bittersweet goodbye 
Deceit is weakness, truth’s an art 
You won’t corrupt my crystal heart 

You threatened me with love and I surrendered 
Made me lose my mind but I remember 
Temptation lead you astray, faithfulness made me stay 
Trust is so far away 
You brought me joy and love now turned to sorrow 
Yesterday was blue, now is tomorrow 
Honesty can make you, greater heights can take you 
Or it can break you 

Just walk away tell myself to just walk away 
Why is it always so hard to, to walk away (just walk away) 
Tell myself to walk away just, just walk away (just walk away) 
Why is it always so hard to walk away (just walk away) 
Beginning to see that you will, you’re gunna lose this game (just walk away) 
You’ve lost this time (just walk away) 

I want to sing your song 
You and I bittersweet goodbye