Little girl wide eyed big dreams 
The evil in the world 
Hidden by smoke screens 
Open hopeful bright eyes 
Never seeing the flaws 
Or the hurtful lies 
So much to live for 
And everything to gain 
Nothing to lose 
No hurt no pain 

What happened to 
Our innocence? 
Where did it go? 
I close my eyes 
(I cry my tears) 
Prisoner to the passing years 

Little girl with nothing wrong 
Lullabies to sing along 
Delightful little song 
Sitting on the old rope swing 
Hear her voice 
Sweet as she sings 
Not a worry, and not a care 
Nothing can hurt her here 
Nothing to fear 

I wanna be that little girl again 
I don’t want to grow up 
I wanna be young and free 
And innocent forever 
And ever and ever

Innocence (Ebonnie)

Album: Patchwork Fantasia

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