Patchwork Fantasia (2014)

Independent Release

Alternative / Pop / Rock

Album review by Jerry Ewing (UK) - Classic Prog Rock Presents: 

"Apparently, young Western Australian Ebonnie has been told that she’s not contemporary enough to be popular with mainstream listeners. Now that’s the sort of thing we here at Prog would normally take to be a compliment, and, having listened to her own self-financed Patchwork Fantasia, her first full-length release so should she. 

True, there are moments when the stark female vocal/piano combination leads her into the more obvious Kate Bush/Tori Amos territory that is blatantly contemporary (Crystal Heart), but for the most part this is engaging, piano led, progressively inclined and almost always quite beautiful music. 

Always led by Ebonnie’s distinct vocals and her excellent piano work, the Bush comparisons are evident, although both Kiss and Close To You rock things up a bit. However the sometimes frail beauty of Ebonnie is clear on opener Angel (With Dirty Wings) and the dynamism compounded by a splendid finale of Innocence, Midsummer’s Eve and the elegiac title track which closes things with a dazzling blend of classical music and piano-led prog that displays just what a talent Ebonnie is".