Love is Gone

Here we are 
Whoever though that we’d make it this far 
Against the odds 
We’ve defied expectations of us but 
Borrowed time is a gamble you cannot defy and 
I can see the love you had is no longer for me 
But we’re 

Holding on 
Praying love can be strong 
But love 
Is gone 
We are moving 

So many tears so much happiness all of these years 
It seems like yesterday a memory that is so far away 
Do you remember

When we made love all through the night? 
Now it’s always, always a goodbye or goodnight 
But we’re 

The lights go out 
The curtain’s down 
And it’s the end of the show 
Deserted stage 
And empty seats 
We both know it’s time to go home 


So here we are 
Did you think that we’d make it this far? 
I will always remember and be 

All alone

Love is gone (Ebonnie)

Album: Patchwork Fantasia

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