Midsummers Eve

In the dark I was waiting 
For a dream to appear 
Midsummers eve fated 
Let go of all my fear 
Years they passed and I waited 
For a dream on his horse 
Distantly it faded 
And the dream was no more 

I waited for you 
You never came 
I fell hard for you 
You went away 

And the years they slipped by 
Still I was wondering why 
Was our love not strong enough? 
Or was it too strong for us? 

Heartbroken I saw you 
Brought you back from the dead 
Holding on to the virtues 
Til the day we were wed 
Perfect bliss I promised 
It was not just a dream 
Never knew nor felt that 
You were not all you seemed 

I couldn’t touch you 
I was so young 
Thought I knew it all 
Never come undone 

He was so mysterious 
And every night I had cried 
After you left all I had 
Was the gift inside 
Then he said he loved me 
I believed it to be true 
How could I be so used 
Think he could replace you? 

You couldn’t touch me 
I was your shame 
I couldn’t deny 
I was to blame 

You left me with a love 
Of all I cared for 
But you weren’t there 
To share with me the little girl 
You stumbled across her 
In your travels one day 
Only to find that not to you 
I was with child again 

Still I followed 
You thought me a whore 
You were so hard 
So much colder than before 

So the years they slipped by 
There were no tears left to cry 
Pretending I was strong enough 
Holding onto that dream of us 

Then one day it happened 
You held her like your own 
We both made mistakes but 
Oh how we had grown 
All the hurt the fear 
Seemed like a distant dream 
You were not alone moon raker 
On that midsummers eve 

Only ever you 
Made me complete 
You gave such passion 
You gave such heat 

And the years they slipped by 
I no longer wonder why 
How our love was strong enough 
Lies, deceit, weakness, fear, lust



Please note that this song was inspired by one of my all time favourite books, The Bond. I read this book the weekend that I filmed the Close to you video so many moons ago, I was gripped and could not put it down. A highly recommended read.