Welcome to my Grey

I saw you looking at her 
The way you used to look at me 
If it’s over let me know 
Baby you know I can’t do it alone 

Here I am 
Standing alone 
Look there I go 
Along with yesterday 
Welcome to my grey 

You keep me thinking that this 
Pretense is something I can do 
But in my heart I know the real truth 
I’ve all the evidence less the proof, still 

Memories, photographs 
Tryin’ to make them last 
All but over now 
Can we go back to where we were 

I still remember how we used to be 
Time can’t take that away 
You’ll always be there in my heart 
No matter what you say 

I’m here alone 
I’m here alone 
Goodbye to yesterday 
And welcome to my grey 
Today is just 
Another day